Of Pathics and Evil
[An Audio-Visual Experience]



Here take this, and may it do you harm.

Come into my office; I have an offer you can't refuse.

Thought you knew me, didn't you.

O How I do love me above all else!

Here's to you, buddy.

So long, little one.

Guess Who!

Why are you trembling, my dear?

I swear I will annhilate you all!

How well I sleep at night with blood on my mind.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Hail to you my fellow countrymen!

Yes, I have the arcane answer to nothing though you see everything through my pseudo gaze!

You will do my dire bidding as I mesmerize your fractured psyche.

Black as night is my soul.

I have a present for you that will surely do you in.

I see you're a little perturbed at my gaze.

Aren't I pretty to the eyes? ...Now look again, if you dare.

Are you feeling quite out of sorts as I mesmerize you into my glare?

Yes, my love, you may be at my beck and call.

I'm just a pretty little imp that will bite where it hurts the most.

Temptress! Temptress! Depart from me! I'm losing my soul.

May my reign of duplicity undermine your naivte.

The horror! The horror! at what I commit.

May death do you part.

Strange as it may seem, I like you.

Would you like me to scratch your back.

Good to see you. Come on in.

Hi! May I have a word against you.

May strife and gore reign among men and women on earth.

You're despicable!...and so am I, playing the clown; when all I am is rage and rampage.

Hi everyone! Want a laugh - my kind of laugh, that is.

Don't get cuddly with me, buster, or you'll be more than sorry.

To tear you to shreds is my vicious intent.

Aghast be thee at my visage!

So you think me all soft and cuddly, do you.